Tihomir Krtalic

SpecialitySenior Blade Engineer, Enel Green Power
Croatia native, Tihomir attended Electrical – Mechanical Engineering School Centre in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Former Yugoslavia ) specializing in metal and composite - laminate sandwich structural components for aircraft industry. Worked for several years in Military Aircraft Manufacturing Company “Falcon” , Mostar, in Airplane and Helicopter Metal and Composite sandwich constructions and panels manufacturing department, until Civil War started in Ex-Yugoslavia. After arrival in USA and inability to proceed with Airplane composite related career with Boeing, finally in 2011 attended Wind School as a Wind Tech graduating in top of the class. Worked with numerous companies as Composite Master Tech on the field repairing the blades, gaining extensive experience on structural wind blade design and manufacturing process (epoxy and polyester resin applications, carbon fiber glass manufacturing and repair process) and earning position as Field Engineer with three major blade suppliers / manufacturers from Siemens, LM Wind Power to GE Renewables, till recently joined an Enel Green Power, Global O&M Wind – Technical Support Team as a Senior Blade Engineer.